Saturday, October 29, 2011

GOTYS Tees Etsy Pictures!

Yup! They're finally up on etsy... all 12 of them... :D (listing)

SOYEAH! Tomorrow, I'm gonna try to do the following 3 things:
1-) Make my halloween costume. Have not yet started. Umm... I am being the tardis. How about you?
2-) Make a dolloween AGMV!!! This is now going to be my annual thing, dolloween AGMV's. This year's is going to be to the song 'Monster Hospital' by Metric. I was really inspired by the line 'I fought the war but the war won', which lead me to an episode of doctor who, which lead me to WWII and creepy hospitals... I AM SO EXCITED!
3-) Finish October line!!! I already have 2 tank tops up on etsy, but I need to finish these really cute pin stripe pants! :)


Monday, October 24, 2011


YAY! I am finally done all 12 of Ali's tee shirts! I just finished the last five, and I am SO happy! Now I have time to sew my own etsy stuff! Hopefully the Tee shirt order will be posted tomorrow, and then MAYBE hopefully some new stuff will be up this weekend! :D
Here's just a terrible web cam photo of one of them... but anyway, I will post more photos for the listing when I take them :)
Actually, if I think about it, it only took me around 2 1/2 hours to make these 5 tees. If I hadn't put if off for so long, I could have been done it at the beginning of October! So I think I probably put 6 to 7 hours work in to these tees, which it around $60 for labour, plus materials, which it around $75 for all 12. Not a bad price in my humble opinion :) Plus now Ali can say that these tees were made 'locally'! (to the AGTube Community... ha ha...)
ANYWAY, just wanted to update you on the sewing situation! Seeya later!
-Charlotte <3

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Etsy Stufferoo :)

Hey everyone! It is Charlotte
So. This is generally the time of month that my new stuff comes out. I have actually not made it yet... but not because I am a lazy bum. Because I have had an order of 12 plain white tee-shirts from girloftheyearstudios!
So, here's the story:
If you're a girloftheyearstudios fan, you will know that she has an etsy shop, that she sells iron on tees in. She doesn't sew, so she buys her tees from somewhere else. She received her first round of plain white tee shirts, and disliked the neckline. She posted something on her blog about wanting new tees and I was like... "OMG! I COULD MAKE YOU SOME TEES!" and so that has been my project for the past few weeks! I am still working the tees, but I'm halfway through the last five and will probably finish them tonight! Sure it takes a LOT of time for 12 tees, but just give me my Arctic Monkeys and I'm a happy clam ;)
I still intend to try to put up more items before October is out. Here's a video with some pants I'm going to be selling. They're the stripy ones on Astrid:
I'm also going to be making some tank tops that are made of a pale yellow material with red and orange flowers all over. They're going to be so cute!

Along the lines of sewing, I now have a new best friend named Fabricland. Seriously, I am in love with that store. If you're just making doll clothes, you don't have to spend $10 on a whole meter, you can just buy 1/3 of a meter for $3, because that's all the material you'll really need! Anyway, I have a whole bunch of christmas stuff planned out now: a sweet christmas dress (made with my own pattern!) made of red snowy sparkly material (because if AG sells billions of boring old christmas dresses, I should be able to sell at least 3!), and these pajama pants and fuzzy slippers, and... yes. I love that store. It might help that there's a UK shoppe in the same plaza. Shh... But anyway, I have a whole new line of summer skirts, revised as winter skirts, planned out for November. YAY!

Anyway! I should stop with the talking (or writing...) and get back to sewing!
See ya later!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

New blog design! YAY!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell you, that I redesigned my whole blog!
I just wanted to make sure you check out the "Meet The Dolls" Page (link located in the right hand sidebar>>>) because I changed the photographs!
I hope you like the new layout! Tell me what you think!


Monday, October 17, 2011

My Maplelea Catalogue Came in the Mail!

 Hey everyone! I know I have already shown you all of the new outfits, and such, but I just wanted to share with you the new catalogue! I definitely love this new catalogue, as I have done with many Maplelea catalogues in the past. I still have my very first one, and it is practically ripped to shreds!
 I really like the new photos, and the layout of this catalogue. Up until last year, maplelea was still using pictures from when I first saw their catalogue in 2006! I'm really glad they re-photographed their items. It gives me a better idea of what the item really looks like, and is a nice change from those same old pictures! Although, there was something kind of nice and friendly about those old ones... ;)
 Now that I have a chance to see Jenna up close, her eyes are kind of scaring me. What I mean, is that they are just straight green, without any texture. It's really unnatural... does this bug any one else?
 This outfit of Taryn's, I am basically in love with. Well, maybe I'm in love with the sweater. Shh... :)
 I really like the way this scene of LĂ©onie with her hockey gear was photographed, it makes the whole shot look so realistic!
and finally, a shot I have basically dreamed of forever! I always wanted to either see or re-create myself a Maplelea sleep over party!

Oh, and have I mentioned I'm basically in love with Saila? She is AMAZING :) And I definitely want to get her in the future!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zita & Max {chapter 3, part 1, Zita}

Zita & Max 
{Chapter 3}

   Gosh. I'm sure that was a good impression: spilling salad dressing on the crotch of your pants, with a... *cute* guy standing in front of you. Augh.
    Anyway. After lunch, Maddie and I headed down to art class. I'm usually okay at art, but after seeing Maddie's final product of a bowl of fruit, I felt like I'd drawn a bowl of dirty socks.
    Then we had gym. Oh man. I have a separate gym period than Maddie, but that's okay. Because Louis, is in my gym class. 
    We played dodgeball. Normally, I'm not bad at dodgeball. But I was... busy. Watching Louis shout encouraging things at other kids. Apparently he was sick for a while, so he has to sit out of gym. So. As I was not paying attention to the game at all, I got hit right in the face. Then the blood started flowing out of my nose, a steady trickle ready to gross anyone out. Even the guys, who started rapidly backing away. Including Louis. Man.
    "Zita, are you alright?" Ms. Masche asked.
    "Umb, mnot wreeallee," I mumbled while I clutched at my nose, trying to stop the flow.
    "Louis, please take Zita to the nurse's office," she said with a pale face, obviously put off by the sight of all the blood.
    "Um. Okay," Louis said uncertainly, like he didn't really even want to look at me...
    Crap. Great first and second impressions, Zita. First the salad on the crotch and tomato red face, and now the tomato red BLOOD?
    Louis trudged towards the gym doors, and gestured for me to follow. Of course I chose that moment to trip over my own shoes, and stumble clumsily after him.
    We walked. Awkward silence...
    "So. Um," he started awkwardly. "are you... okay?"
    "I feel fine... but my nose is numb," I squeaked back. It's like someone had hit fast forward, and it made me talk fast and high.
    "and you're... Sophie?" he asked.
    "Zita," what does the name Zita have in common with Sophie?! "and you're Louis."
    "Cool," he said, like he really didn't care. Well then, I thought, I guess I won't be added to your list of your fervent admirers...
    Nothing was added to the conversation after that.
* * *
    I unlocked the door to my house after getting off the bus, and stepped through the threshold
Silence.  No one was home yet. Thank goodness.
    I dumped my book bag in the front hall, and ran upstairs to my newly decorated room. It was painted yellow, with a dark hardwood floor, and glass doors leading out to a terrace with an in ground swimming pool, just above the garage. There were doors leading off the terrace to my parent's room, and the guest room, as well as mine. I grabbed my macbook, opened the glass doors, sat on my giant gray and white embroidered pillow, and turned on my skype. My old school ended half an hour before Sarah Mitchell, so Alana was bound to be home by now.
    After logging in, I was ecstatic to see that Alana was online! Yesss!
    I clicked 'call', and waited.    
* * *
    "Zita, come down for supper!" my Mum called from down stairs.
    "Coming!" I yelled. I shut down my mac, and walked down the stairs. I was greeted by the smell of spaghetti, and delicious garlic bread. Yum!
    As soon as I sat down at the kitchen table, my Mum immediately started with the questioning. 
    "So, Zita, how was your first day at Sarah Mitchell?"
    "Um. Good, I guess."
    "Well that's good," Mum replied. "I heard you talking to Alana upsairs... how is she?"
    "Fine. Just fine." I lied. In reality, Alana was doing fine. Finer than she was doing when I was there. In only a few weeks, she had gotten bright golden highlights in her light red hair, started wearing lots of makeup {something neither of us had really done back then...}, and had Marcus Wrick crushing on her. Wow. {Marcus Wrick = Janet's brother and most popular boy in school. WOW} Since the Marcus thing, she's also been sitting with Janet and her posse. Euuchh...
    But, I suppose if you take in to account what Alana must have thought about me...
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
    "So, did you remember to brush your teeth after lunch?" my Dad added.
    "Yep," the last thing I wanted was pepperoni stuck in my braces!
    That was the end of the questioning. My parents proceeded to talk about a new car they were thinking of buying. Blah, blah, blah...
* * *
    Several hours after dinner, I got in to my pajamas {an old tee-shirt and some plaid pajama bottoms}. They felt so comfortable, so... me. I went in to the bathroom, and was shocked by my reflection; did I really wear that much makeup? I hastily removed it, washed my face, and applied my green rash cream. I made a face at the mirror. Ick.
    I brushed my aching braces covered teeth. Honestly, these things hurt! Why would I ever think I would want metal in my mouth?
    I hopped in to bed, grabbed my iPod, turned out my lights and listened to my endless Arctic Monkeys playlist until I fell asleep.

_ _ _ _

ACK! It's been a while, hasn't it? Sigh. I hope this becomes a regular routine now... I'll try and have a new chapter up every week, or at the very least every other week ;)

Thanks for reading!

-Kit <3

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Super Excited For Halloween!

Hey everyone! It's Astrid ;)
All of us dolls here at just us dolls here are SUPER excited for Halloween! We're busy planning Dolloween videos for youtube, halloween costumes, and tons of exciting photoshoots!
This is just a quick photo I edited of Bridget, just to get in to the halloweeny mood... I am in LOVE with picnik! I really want Picnik Premium, but I'm not quite sure it's worth $20 a year... maybe for christmas or something :)

Also, just in passing, this weekend is the thanksgiving weekend in Canada! So there will be something for that :) I'll be doing a lot of sewing this weekend too, not just for my october line, but for a special order I'll show you when I'm done!

Can you guess what Bridget is in each of these pictures?

-Astrid <3