Sunday, October 23, 2011

Etsy Stufferoo :)

Hey everyone! It is Charlotte
So. This is generally the time of month that my new stuff comes out. I have actually not made it yet... but not because I am a lazy bum. Because I have had an order of 12 plain white tee-shirts from girloftheyearstudios!
So, here's the story:
If you're a girloftheyearstudios fan, you will know that she has an etsy shop, that she sells iron on tees in. She doesn't sew, so she buys her tees from somewhere else. She received her first round of plain white tee shirts, and disliked the neckline. She posted something on her blog about wanting new tees and I was like... "OMG! I COULD MAKE YOU SOME TEES!" and so that has been my project for the past few weeks! I am still working the tees, but I'm halfway through the last five and will probably finish them tonight! Sure it takes a LOT of time for 12 tees, but just give me my Arctic Monkeys and I'm a happy clam ;)
I still intend to try to put up more items before October is out. Here's a video with some pants I'm going to be selling. They're the stripy ones on Astrid:
I'm also going to be making some tank tops that are made of a pale yellow material with red and orange flowers all over. They're going to be so cute!

Along the lines of sewing, I now have a new best friend named Fabricland. Seriously, I am in love with that store. If you're just making doll clothes, you don't have to spend $10 on a whole meter, you can just buy 1/3 of a meter for $3, because that's all the material you'll really need! Anyway, I have a whole bunch of christmas stuff planned out now: a sweet christmas dress (made with my own pattern!) made of red snowy sparkly material (because if AG sells billions of boring old christmas dresses, I should be able to sell at least 3!), and these pajama pants and fuzzy slippers, and... yes. I love that store. It might help that there's a UK shoppe in the same plaza. Shh... But anyway, I have a whole new line of summer skirts, revised as winter skirts, planned out for November. YAY!

Anyway! I should stop with the talking (or writing...) and get back to sewing!
See ya later!


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  1. Congrats on the t-shirt order! I totally learned how to sew by making clothes for my dolls as a kid. My mom even made my Barbie a matching replica of the dress that she wore at Christmas one year. I also understand your love of Fabricland, but have you been to the Designer Fabric Outlet on Queen st? That place is heaven.