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Zita & Max {chapter 3, part 1, Zita}

Zita & Max 
{Chapter 3}

   Gosh. I'm sure that was a good impression: spilling salad dressing on the crotch of your pants, with a... *cute* guy standing in front of you. Augh.
    Anyway. After lunch, Maddie and I headed down to art class. I'm usually okay at art, but after seeing Maddie's final product of a bowl of fruit, I felt like I'd drawn a bowl of dirty socks.
    Then we had gym. Oh man. I have a separate gym period than Maddie, but that's okay. Because Louis, is in my gym class. 
    We played dodgeball. Normally, I'm not bad at dodgeball. But I was... busy. Watching Louis shout encouraging things at other kids. Apparently he was sick for a while, so he has to sit out of gym. So. As I was not paying attention to the game at all, I got hit right in the face. Then the blood started flowing out of my nose, a steady trickle ready to gross anyone out. Even the guys, who started rapidly backing away. Including Louis. Man.
    "Zita, are you alright?" Ms. Masche asked.
    "Umb, mnot wreeallee," I mumbled while I clutched at my nose, trying to stop the flow.
    "Louis, please take Zita to the nurse's office," she said with a pale face, obviously put off by the sight of all the blood.
    "Um. Okay," Louis said uncertainly, like he didn't really even want to look at me...
    Crap. Great first and second impressions, Zita. First the salad on the crotch and tomato red face, and now the tomato red BLOOD?
    Louis trudged towards the gym doors, and gestured for me to follow. Of course I chose that moment to trip over my own shoes, and stumble clumsily after him.
    We walked. Awkward silence...
    "So. Um," he started awkwardly. "are you... okay?"
    "I feel fine... but my nose is numb," I squeaked back. It's like someone had hit fast forward, and it made me talk fast and high.
    "and you're... Sophie?" he asked.
    "Zita," what does the name Zita have in common with Sophie?! "and you're Louis."
    "Cool," he said, like he really didn't care. Well then, I thought, I guess I won't be added to your list of your fervent admirers...
    Nothing was added to the conversation after that.
* * *
    I unlocked the door to my house after getting off the bus, and stepped through the threshold
Silence.  No one was home yet. Thank goodness.
    I dumped my book bag in the front hall, and ran upstairs to my newly decorated room. It was painted yellow, with a dark hardwood floor, and glass doors leading out to a terrace with an in ground swimming pool, just above the garage. There were doors leading off the terrace to my parent's room, and the guest room, as well as mine. I grabbed my macbook, opened the glass doors, sat on my giant gray and white embroidered pillow, and turned on my skype. My old school ended half an hour before Sarah Mitchell, so Alana was bound to be home by now.
    After logging in, I was ecstatic to see that Alana was online! Yesss!
    I clicked 'call', and waited.    
* * *
    "Zita, come down for supper!" my Mum called from down stairs.
    "Coming!" I yelled. I shut down my mac, and walked down the stairs. I was greeted by the smell of spaghetti, and delicious garlic bread. Yum!
    As soon as I sat down at the kitchen table, my Mum immediately started with the questioning. 
    "So, Zita, how was your first day at Sarah Mitchell?"
    "Um. Good, I guess."
    "Well that's good," Mum replied. "I heard you talking to Alana upsairs... how is she?"
    "Fine. Just fine." I lied. In reality, Alana was doing fine. Finer than she was doing when I was there. In only a few weeks, she had gotten bright golden highlights in her light red hair, started wearing lots of makeup {something neither of us had really done back then...}, and had Marcus Wrick crushing on her. Wow. {Marcus Wrick = Janet's brother and most popular boy in school. WOW} Since the Marcus thing, she's also been sitting with Janet and her posse. Euuchh...
    But, I suppose if you take in to account what Alana must have thought about me...
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
    "So, did you remember to brush your teeth after lunch?" my Dad added.
    "Yep," the last thing I wanted was pepperoni stuck in my braces!
    That was the end of the questioning. My parents proceeded to talk about a new car they were thinking of buying. Blah, blah, blah...
* * *
    Several hours after dinner, I got in to my pajamas {an old tee-shirt and some plaid pajama bottoms}. They felt so comfortable, so... me. I went in to the bathroom, and was shocked by my reflection; did I really wear that much makeup? I hastily removed it, washed my face, and applied my green rash cream. I made a face at the mirror. Ick.
    I brushed my aching braces covered teeth. Honestly, these things hurt! Why would I ever think I would want metal in my mouth?
    I hopped in to bed, grabbed my iPod, turned out my lights and listened to my endless Arctic Monkeys playlist until I fell asleep.

_ _ _ _

ACK! It's been a while, hasn't it? Sigh. I hope this becomes a regular routine now... I'll try and have a new chapter up every week, or at the very least every other week ;)

Thanks for reading!

-Kit <3



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