Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zita & Max -- Chapter 2 {Part 2, Max}

Zita & Max 
{Chapter 2}

left to right, top to bottom: Max, Alec, Zita,
    The day just gets better.
    As I stumble into homeroom, I notice a shimmer of black hair. Zita's hair. In front of my desk. On her head. Ohmigosh.
    1st period English goes something along the longs of this:
    "Good morning class. This is Zita Gall. She'll be joining our class. Please make her feel welcome, everyone!" Mrs. Bretegant introduces. Gosh. Zita just look so nervous up there, and it makes me love her even more. Just the way she's blushing, and... oh wow. "Zita, you can take the empty seat in the third row, next to Maddie." She walks down the aisle, and as she approaches, I wave. Alec kicks me. Hard. Oh, well, he knows what to do better than I do.
    I sit up tall in my chair, flick my hair {kinda like Justin Bieber. He's my role model. He attracts all the chicks.}, and put on a dazzling braces filled smile. Just as Zita turns to sit in her sit, I sputter out
    "Heyyy... I'm, uhh, Max. Yeah... hey" Alex kicks me hard, again. To say 'SHUT. UP.'
    Everyone laughs at me. Like usual.
    She and Maddie start whispering back and forth, back and forth, about... something. All I know is, Zita looks... nice. Pretty. Angelic (okay, I really need to stop it with this angel thing).
left to right, top to bottom: Louis, Eric,
Zoey, Maddie.
    Then I loose track of time.
    I'm in this fantasy, where we're at the movies (the 'we' obviously being Zita and me). Then, I wrap my arm around her shoulders. She looks in my eyes, I look in hers, and we kiss passionately. Lip to lip, mouth to mouth, tongue to to-
    "Maxwell Virre, are you asking for a trip to the office?"
    "Huh?" I snap out of it.
    (real life during my fantasy):
    "Max, would you like to answer?" Mrs. Bretegant asks.
    I say nothing.
    "Max, we're waiting,"
    "Mmmlllsmchmch..." I slur, kissing air.
    "Max, are you okay?"
    Drool drips down my chin.
    "Max. Stop this, and answer me."
    "Ooh la-la!" I growl in a sexy way
    (Dreaming Max catches up with the world.)
    "Maxwell Virre, are you asking for a trip to the office?"
    "Max, would you care to explain WHAT on EARTH just happened?" Mrs. Bretegant demands sternly.
    "Well," I start feebly. "You see, I was... asleep"
    "I bet you were!" Millie yells across the room, barely able to control her laughter.
    "Millie," wow. Mrs. Bretegant is in a very stern mood today. "Okay then Max, would you care to explain what you were dreaming about?"
    "Not... particularly," I say. I turn a violent shade of red. Millie screeches with laughter. "Shut! UP! Millie!" I holler. This just causes Millie to laugh even harder.
    "Whoa, Max. You know we don't like that kind of language here at Sarah Mitchell. Could you see me at lunch please?" I nod. Well, kind of. My head drops, and I bring it upright again.
    "Thank you," Mrs. Bretegant says, and returns to the lesson she's teaching about a book I read when I was five years old.

* * *
    The rest of the day goes no better.
    In Science, I burn the lab table after accidentally pouring a vial of highly flammable liquid onto the Bunsen burner. I have to dash into the hall, search frantically for a fire extinguisher, pull it from the wall with the help of my imaginary muscles, and zoom back into the class. In the end, I cover half the classroom with the foamy stuff in the extinguisher, including myself and Alec, my lab partner. Thank goodness the school instructs us to bring extra clothing if you are in science, gym, and/or cooking. The sure had their reasons.
    Gym is next. We play dodge ball, which is usually way too easy for me. Not today though. Today, I imagine we're dancing ('we' already explained). I have my arms around air, and I get hit in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me. I keel over, and drop to the ground just as Alexis Neele comes running to catch the dodge ball. She trips over me, leaving a huge footprint on the back of my red American Eagle shirt. I get sent to the nurse's office. What good this does, I don't know.
    Math, is next. Now, this is a subject that involves brains. Not that science wasn't, but I need to think. Somewhat. We are doing probability, the most ridiculous unit in math, so I measure out the probability of Zita asking me on a date, or her accepting my offer. Very slim chances. Let's say extremely improbable. The bell rings.
    I run as fast as my average length legs will go (which is pretty fast, considering I'm the 100 meter dash champion) to Mrs. Bretegant's class room. Sarah Mitchell doesn't have any rules about running in the middle school division, because since this is a private school, they think we're smart enough to know not to kill ourselves running.
    Thank goodness for that.
    I get to Mrs. Bretegants room, panting hard. Stupid asthma...
    "Hey Max, I won't keep you long, because I know you have more 'important' business in the cafeteria," she says.
    "Okay, thanks Aunt Lydi-whoops! I... hehe, mean Mrs Bretegant," I let slip.
    "Max, please try not to let that get into the open. That I'm your aunt," she hisses. I know It sounds fishy, that people can't know we're related. But there are reasons. For instance, people would think she gave me top marks just because we're related. They wouldn't stop to think that I'm not related to any of the other teachers at our school...
    "Okay. Right. I promise. That just... kinda slipped out of my mouth," I apologize. "I'll make sure no one finds out. Promise,"
    "Okay. Well, about this morning. You were..." she trails off. "... distracted,"
    "Yeah. Um, I didn't get much sleep last night," I lie.
    "Do I need to move you?" She asks. Rats. No hiding anything from her.
    "NO." I practically scream.
    "Okay then," she says "I wont. For now. Just try and focus,"
    "Okaaay... bye," I march out of the classroom.
    About five steps from the classroom, I hear Aunt Lydia call after me:
    "I agree Max. She is very pretty..."

The Adidas Hoodie

{yeah. I like being sideways.}

This is a sweatshirt made by Charlotte's Grandma.
We went there overnight.
It was fun.
They have microwave popcorn and pudding and let you have seconds for dessert.
And Charlotte's grandma might get a really cheap doll off of ebay to design outfits better, because for some reason the pattern book she uses is really big in the waist. 
But whatever.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

{Happy Easter}
This is the final shot from our 'Happy Easter!' video :)
Also an entry to basilmento's Spring Contest!
So, Happy Easter :)


Monday, April 18, 2011

GASP!!!! :D { the good kind }

The picture says it all :)
Thanks, guys <3
{yes, Maizee-Liss is wearing a mustache.}

(Okay. Here are some updates:
-You, are probably wondering where that spring party went.
 Well. We were going to have it last weekend {aka yesterday} but it rained and SNOWED on the
 weekend. GAH.
-Fashion with bridget, and writing with Kit will return A.S.A.P!
-Once I hit 50 followers, I will have a biggggg contest! So keep following!)

Once again, thanks so much :)


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guitar tabs with Aisha-Everybody Else-Care Bears On Fire

Just thought I'd start it off with my favourite...

Everybody Else
B, A, B, A, G, F#, G  x2 (watch video for rythm)

Don't tell me what to do what to wear what to say,
Don't wanna follow rules gonna do it my way,
I've got a brain I can think for my self,
I don't wanna be like everybody else!

A                              G
Don't wanna be like everybody else,

A                              G
Don't wanna be like everybody else,

Don't tell me to be quiet to be a good girl,
I wanna see more of this wild wild world
Don't learn anything sitting at home,
I wanna be free, I want to roam!


{mad guitar solo}


{alt. verse, play intro while singing}

Wanna pick up my guitar and start to play,

Bash my drums all night and day,

Wanna play it loud this ain't no toy,

Wanna play it loud wanna make some noise!



{end on D chord while drums to a big solo}

{the end!}


{all credit to Care Bears On Fire}

{okay. If you are slightly confused with how to read tabs, here's how:
the letters to the left of the chart are the strings, and the numbers are the fret.
when the squiggle line (~) is in between 2 numbers, play it like a slur}

Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Zita & Max -Chapter 2-An Excerpt from Kit's Novel {proofread by Taryn, Illustrated by Sonali}

Zita & Max 
{Chapter 2}

    I wake up Monday morning, and freak out. Hyperventilating, I manage to tumble out of bed by 6:45am. I go downstairs, and eat breakfast with my parents before they head into the Law Firm. I choke down a piece of toast, two pieces of bacon, and half a glass of orange juice. I kiss my parents goodbye.
    "Have a fantastic day!" my Mom cries. Alright, Mom. I will attempt at having a fantastic day.
    I get dressed in a new American Eagle t-shirt with blue and grey eagles flying across the front, a grey H&M cardigan, dark blue jeans from Bluenotes, grey, blue, white, and yellow striped legwarmers, and bright blue converse all stars. I straighten my medium length, layered, naturally bluish black hair, and apply my makeup according to an issue of CosmoGIRL! Light grey eye shadow, black eyeliner, light mascara, and a very light peachy shade of lip gloss.
    I pack up my cellular telephone, iPod touch, and notebooks in my new yellow backpack. Then, after brushing my teeth six times, I check my braces for bacon and orange juice pulp.  Nothing. That seems like a good sign.
    I put on my grey tweed spring jacket, lock the door, and charge to the bus stop. I get there just as the bus pulls up. I walk up the steps into the 'yellow submarine' and see a busload of people my age who have the potential of eating me up. I am the ocean explorer, they are hungry sharks. I shiver.
    I (hopefully) inconspicuously slide into a seat next to a girl with reddish tinted golden hair.
    "Hi. I'm Zita," I explain. "I'm new"
    "Cool. Um." she says. Awkward... "My name's Maddie."
    "Cool." Hmm. This conversation isn't really going anywhere... "do you go to Sarah Mitchell?"
    "Yep. I'm in 8th grade." Maddie says.
    "Ditto. Um, sorry if I stole someone's seat." I say apologetically.
    "No, that's okay. I wasn't really saving it for someone."
    "Oh. Okay, then... could I sit here?"
    "Sure," she says, smiling.
    Alrighty. So far, so good.
    I get off the bus with Maddie, and we walk to class together. She points out people to avoid, really nice people, etc. We stride into homeroom, and she motions for me to sit in an open desk next to hers. There were two boys sitting behind us, one of which caused a huge scene, falling asleep, the drooling all over his notebook. His name was... Max? I think he has problems...
    Sarah Mitchell Private school, is divided into three sections. 1-Junior kindergarten to second grade, 2- third grade to fifth, and 3- sixth grade to eighth. Group 1 eats lunch in their classrooms, group 2 eats lunch in the rotunda, and group 3, gets the cafeteria to ourselves. I know that doesn't sound like a ton of people to put in one cafeteria, there are actually 350 people in group 3.
    The cafeteria, is also divided into three groups : The unpopular kids (group c), the middle kids (group b), and the popular kids (group a). Maddie is in group b, so I follow her to an empty table she apparently claimed at the beginning of the year, where we consume our edible cafeteria food, and discuss popularity.
   There is this one girl, at the popular table, called Millie, who seemed to be the queen of the kingdom of lunchville.  Apparently, she was asked 'out' by the king, Louis, who's really skinny, has big brown eyes, honey blond hair, a slightly freckled face, and is... extremely cute.
    Millie has curly reddish blond hair that looks dyed, green eyes, plump pink lips, rosy cheeks, waxed eyebrows, and a small nose. She looks slightly short and pixie like. At present, she is wearing a bright yellow polka dot sundress, a cropped blue cardigan, short brown heels (her mom lets her wear HEELS?)  , flower earrings, and perfect makeup, and straight white teeth, and, and, and.... sigh. Plus, she doesn't have greenish skin or 26 zits. No zits at all, in fact. I bet she's not allergic to pro-active...
    I feel a bout of jealousy coming on.
    I start to garnish my salad with Caesar salad dressing. I become so involved in the garnishing of my salad, that I don't notice... Louis walking up to our table.
   "Nice shoes," he says simply.
    I nearly spill the rest of the dressing on myself. Yeuch...
    As I look down to inspect my shirt for salad dressing, I catch a glimpse of orange. On Louis feet. With a label saying 'Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars'. Gasp!
    "Thanks," I manage to choke out, before he turns back to his table.
    "You," Maddie states. "Are bright red. And I don't think it's because of the salad dressing on the crotch of your pants."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fashion with Bridget -- Kit & Taryn

Hello bloggers! Ready for yet another fabulous session of Fashion with Bridget?
Goodie! Today, I helped Taryn & Kit with their outfits.
I gotta say, these girls are so close! They are amazing friends.
Thanks Sonali, for the pictures!
Okaay! No number chart, once again, but whatever ;)
Kit- Shirt from Kit's Overall outfit, Skirt made by Charlotte a while ago, boots bought at AGP from Julie's casual outfit, necklace from Kit's accessories, random string used as a belt.
Taryn- Shirt made by Charlotte, using Liberty Jane's strappy tank pattern, skirt also made by charlotte {without a pattern}, sunshine shoes from Maplelea Girls, Homemeade 'L-O-V-E' necklace.

**Style Tip- Homemeade is nearly always better! {unless of course it comes from a home owned company, like Liberty Jane}

Alors, c'est tout! That's all! Here are more pics ;)
I love this effect! I thought it really went with the style, and colors of their outfits!
Whaddya think?
The weather seems great so far, so it's looking like we'll be having our party after all!

-Bridget  <3

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fashion with Bridget-- Bandmates

Hey everyone! This time, on fashion with Bridget, we are once again planning the spring party! So voila the outfits chosen for my bandmates: Maizee-Liss and Aisha.
Maizee-Liss on the left, Aisha on the right
Dag nabbit! I forgot the number chart. I guess you'll just have to stick with me  ;)
Aisha- Red t-shirt made by Charlotte using Liberty Jane Clothing Trendy Tee pattern, skirt made by Charlotte a while ago, white shoes from Kit's meet outfit, white socks from Felicity's meet outfit.
Maizee-Liss- Necklace and socks from Emily's Holiday outfit, shirt made by Charlotte a while ago, the ribbon is just a ribbon, skirt from Market Magic from the Maplelea Girls, shoes from Felicity's meet outfit. 
**Style tip-- I something doesn't fit the way you want, tie a ribbon around it!

And just some more pictures from our photoshoot today {thank you, Sonali!!}
Alright! That's all for now  :)

-Bridget  :D

Friday, April 1, 2011

Style With Bridget -- Chrissa

Hey everyone! It is Bridget  :)
Didn't you enjoy the excerpt from Kit's novel? I thought it was fantastic! {bravo, kit!}
But now, it's my turn! So, next weekend, we are going to attempt at having a spring party! {if the weather holds up :P}, and my job is to set up everyone's outfits, because we are going to have a group picture, that might become our header...? Depends on how pretty it is. Right now, I'm really liking the blog layout we have.
So, without further ado, here is Chrissa!
{photos by Sonali}
Personally, I am really very proud of myself!
Here is a number chart of everything in the outfit!
#1- Red Strappy Tank, sewn by Charlotte, using the Liberty Jane pattern.
#2- Blue knit tank from Sonali's meet outfit.
#3- Ribbon from who knows where!
#4- Khaki short from an 'Our Generation' outfit. 
#5- Green leggings from Taryn's Outdoor Odyssey, from The Maplelea Girls
#6- AGP exclusive Converse
#7- Hair clip that, once again, we just have!
#8- A stuffed chicken Charlotte made, that I thought would look really cute with all the red in the outfit  :) 
**Style tip- Layering always looks best when you can see the top of the bottom layer.  
 And, a collage of everything in the outfit!
Thanks for reading  :D