Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yay for girloftheyearstudios! :D


do you recognize the skirt?

link to her blog:
link to her YouTube:

She, is amazing. go subscribe or follow her!! :D


My New Doll Astrid?

I've never actually been a fan of the name Sonali, to be honest, and I just realized this the other day. So I've decided I might re-name her Astrid!
First of all, because the name Astrid is just awesome.
Second of all, because I think it fits her better.
Third of all, one of the coolest people on the planet is a girl named astrid! go check out her blog :)
anyway, here are just a few of my favourite photos of 'Astrid'!

I really feel like this last picture describes her style, and personality :)
what do you think of the name astrid on her?


Monday, August 29, 2011

collaging with my cousin!

sorry for the terrible photos, the lighting in my basement is terrible! anyway, my cousin came over for a visit the other day, and we made some collages out of my extra ag catalogues! can you guess who's is who's? comment below!

*also, I think I'm not going to continue 'remember when', because really all I wanted to show you was those few pictures. sorry! I might end up trying to do friday favourites, though. no promises!


Friday, August 26, 2011


I've Had my first SALE ON ETSY :D

I just wanted to inform you, that the Nancy Tee Shirt and one of the What Washing Machine Tees are NOW GONE!!!

buh-bye, you two tee shirts :D


New Items on MonChatDansLaLune Etsy!

 Feisty Rose Tank Top with Sunny Yellow Stitching--$6
{Made With a Liberty Jane Clothing Pattern}
 Mouse Grey Tank Top with Soft Pink Stitching--$6
{Made With a Liberty Jane Clothing Pattern}
 Nancy--Tee Shirt--$7.50
{Made With a Liberty Jane Clothing Pattern}
What Washing Machine?--Tee Shirt--$7.50
{Made With a Liberty Jane Clothing Pattern}

Pop on over to my etsy for more pictures!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Remember When??? AG place Chicago

Aw, look at me. I think I was 11? this was the first time I REALLY went to an american girl place. I had briefly been in the AG place in NY when I was 9, but wasn't in to AG back then. So anyway, this day back when, I was absolutely the most hyper person on the planet. I remember when my mum and I were walking there, I would start shaking and giggling whenever I saw the big red American Girl bags, and at one point I remember passing another girl with a kit doll, and I waved my kit's hand at her kit. the girl looked at me like I was mental ;) ah, the good ole days!
I bought a doll tee shirt, some doll sweat pants, a book, an AGP accessories set, and Kit's reporter outfit! I thought that was so much! I spent around $80, and it was all my own money! we also got to eat in the cafe, and some of it was AMAZING, and some of it was... yeuch. but it was SO MUCH FUN :D
after our awesome day, we went and had some deep dish pizza. the line was really long, so we sat in line for a while. there was a girl who was maybe... 8 or something? who kept on sneaking glances in my bag. so I finally asked her, 'do you like american girl dolls?' and she said yes, she had 7. I just about died, I thought that was so many!

have you ever been to an american girl place? what did you do there?


More Pictures of the tees and some new jeans!

hey guys! I hope this will tide you over! I'm going camping for a couple of days, and should be back on wednesday. these are some jeans I made this morning, and a tee I made last night. ALSO.... I'm shipping out a package today! I'll post the girl's opening video on my blog when she gets the package, you'll see then. I want to keep it a surprise until then! :D

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Remember when???

hey everyone! I have decided that I am going to do a weekly thing called 'remember when'.
it will probably happen on mondays, but I'm just too excited with the idea and want to start it now, just so I won't forget! hee hee :) basically, it's just a picture every week, of something I remember I used to do with my dolls, or a picture from way back when! if you want to participate in this, leave a comment saying you will, and I will check out your post on monday and add your link to my post! anyway, here's the kickstarter for 'remember when' :)

Okay! this is actually a remember when from the beginning of this blog. I remember I took this picture for my friend's birthday card, and I wrote 'happy birthday_____' on the blue box. she thought it was odd,  even though this was back when I was 11. anyway, I felt slightly offended she though it... odd... and I thought I shouldn't waste such a *beautiful* ehrm... picture, with so much hard work put in to it, so I used it for just about everything...
{this was from back when I didn't realize you could just edit one picture on picnik!}
 {an old header some of you may remember...}

anyway, I remember it being used for so many more things than just that! whatever :)

SO! if you are interested, leave me a link to your blog *about dolls* and I will check out your post on monday! hope you liked this kickoff remember when post!


New Design!

Hello everyone! as you must have noticed, I am back and have re-designed my blog! I hope you like the look. I also added a header to my etsy using the same picture:
also, I promise I will have several new items in the shoppe maybe by the end of tomorrow? or definitely by then end of the week. I am almost a partner with liberty jane clothing, so I can use their patterns soon! make sure to watch out for some new pictures :D {also... if you go to the 'mes filles' page, the tank tops that taryn, chrissa and sonali are wearing, and the tee shirts that kit and maizee-liss are wearing are the types I will be selling, if you are really bursting with curiosity!}

okay! that's about it! so, watch out for new etsy stufferoo!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

hello :)

hello, my dear blogger friends :)
No, I am NOT dead, I have NOT been neglectful, and I have NOT grown out of dolls.

My computer is just getting fixed again :P
See, when it was getting fixed the first time, the built in webcam got discombobulated, so we decided to get it fixed while we were vacationing. Unfourtunately, the guy took that to mean he wouldn't have to start it until we got back (YUCK.) So I am presently stuck sans mac :(

Oh well, this opened up another sewing oportunity! I have been working on perfecting my tees and tanks, and so far I have 1 tee (for $7.50) and 1 tank (for $6) ready to sell. I am also in the process of making 2 insanely epic splattered paint tee shirts :) I can't wait to show you pictures! :D

ALSO! I now ship to the US for $3.00 USD, and to anywhere in canada for $2.00 USD (I know it seems silly that everything is in USD, but that's etsy for you.)


ps. I am trying to save up for a Canon Rebel and a new doll through my etsy, so if you could help me out, that would be so awesome! :D