Wednesday, January 26, 2011


You probably don't know me.
Probably because I don't know you.
My name is a good place to start.
Maizee-Liss. Or Felicity. But never call me that.
My interests include:
-Listening to music. (Care bears on fire. The strokes. OK Go. Other real music)
-Shopping Vintage.
-Going crazy.

I might write on here again.
If you're cool enough to read what I have to say.
We'll see about that.

And Before you ask, I like being sideways.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New American Girl Items For 2011!

Hey everyone!!! As you obviously know... It's 2011 (No kidding :P Great deduction there Charlotte).
And in the new year, American Girl usually released new Items! Here are a few of my favourites, plus the new GOTY, Kanani.

I'm not a big fan of her. She's okay... but definitely not a favourite.
American girl has also raised the price of dolls to $100!!! I'm so mad!!!!
These are my favourite new Historical outfits  :)
This is Julie's new outfit. I love her skirt!
This is Josefina's new outfit. I especially love her skirt as well  :D

And this is Molly's new outfit! I'm especially in love with this one, and hope to get it eventually :)

Happy new year everyone!

Charlotte  :)

So long, Farewell 2010!

Goodbye Lanie / Bridget  :(

Happy New Years!!!