Saturday, October 29, 2011

GOTYS Tees Etsy Pictures!

Yup! They're finally up on etsy... all 12 of them... :D (listing)

SOYEAH! Tomorrow, I'm gonna try to do the following 3 things:
1-) Make my halloween costume. Have not yet started. Umm... I am being the tardis. How about you?
2-) Make a dolloween AGMV!!! This is now going to be my annual thing, dolloween AGMV's. This year's is going to be to the song 'Monster Hospital' by Metric. I was really inspired by the line 'I fought the war but the war won', which lead me to an episode of doctor who, which lead me to WWII and creepy hospitals... I AM SO EXCITED!
3-) Finish October line!!! I already have 2 tank tops up on etsy, but I need to finish these really cute pin stripe pants! :)


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