Monday, October 22, 2012

Plaid Shirt, Style #2

Yeah! Another Plaid Shirt style done. Now I have 4 shirts done, 4 more to go! :D Are you guys excited? I think I'm going to be charging around $17 each for them. ALSO, just a reminder about what the other one looked like:
So yeah! I will be filming a dolloween special SOON-ish, and will hopefully have it up this weekend, and then I'll hopefully also have a photoshoot up, and another dolloween special up on halloween! hopefully :) See you later!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Preview of the Plaid Shirts!

I apologize for the awful webcam photo... :P It's 9:30 on a Sunday night, and this is the ONLY plaid shirt I'm done so far, for sale. I have 3 others waiting for velcro, and 4 that have been cut out. There will be 2 like this, and three other different types, 2 of each as well. So yeah! Also, the jeans in the picture (although they're hard to see) will also be for sale! :)
So after this, I just have... about 12 more shirts to sew, and about 8 sets of holiday themed pyjamas. Plus I'll have to finish girloftheyearstudios' 24 white tee shirts as well, although I'm halfway done those. I'm fairly confident I'll be able to finish all this stuff, by the end of the first week of november. I'm thinking probably November 3rd will be the official release date (fingers crossed!)
I'll get back to you on the other styles of plaid shirts... what do you think of this one? :)

I've also been thinking of giving the blog a makeover. I still like the chicken background, and will probably keep that, but I'd like it to have much sharper edges. I'd also like to re-do my doll's page... augh, George isn't even on there :P

In even other news, as soon as I sell about $150 of etsy stuff, I'll be ordering a bunch of stuff from AG! (INCLUDING A NEW DOLL!) YEAH!

see you soon!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sewing like a madman!

Hello blog world!
Long time no... post?
Anyway, the Christmas season is approaching, and I've been sewing like nuts to get things done (hopefully!) for November 1st. I've been trying out some new patterns, and I'm super excited! I just thought I'd post about it to give you a heads up! Here's a list of what I plan on sewing to sell:

  • Red Corduroy Mini Skirts (6) ($12)
  • Dark Wash Denim Skinny Jeans w/ red stitching (3) ($21)
  • Acid Wash Denim Skinny Jeans w/ blue, turquoise and purple stitching (3) ($24)
  • Outer Space inspired tee shirts (6) ($10)
  • Graphic Tees (two different kinds) (2-4 of each) ($9)
  • Plaid Shirts (four different kinds) (2 of each) ($16-18)
  • PJ pants & Tank Top sets (two different sets) (2-4 of each) ($15)
  • and MAYBE some boy doll jeans! No promises, but.... :)
So that's that! I've also decided to offer christmas gift wrapping/shipping as an option this year! I'll list the service as an item on etsy, and what will be different, is that the wrapping will have a special To & From tag on it, and the packages will come in a shipping box with a tracking number. I wanted to offer this option for people buying from my shop as a christmas gift! You know, if there are any... :) Anyway, I'll get back to you on prices for that one later!

I'm sorry I don't have any photos right now! I'm only finished three on the above list, but I'm sure I'll be able to finish everything in time!

Thanks for reading and... stuff... :)