Monday, October 17, 2011

My Maplelea Catalogue Came in the Mail!

 Hey everyone! I know I have already shown you all of the new outfits, and such, but I just wanted to share with you the new catalogue! I definitely love this new catalogue, as I have done with many Maplelea catalogues in the past. I still have my very first one, and it is practically ripped to shreds!
 I really like the new photos, and the layout of this catalogue. Up until last year, maplelea was still using pictures from when I first saw their catalogue in 2006! I'm really glad they re-photographed their items. It gives me a better idea of what the item really looks like, and is a nice change from those same old pictures! Although, there was something kind of nice and friendly about those old ones... ;)
 Now that I have a chance to see Jenna up close, her eyes are kind of scaring me. What I mean, is that they are just straight green, without any texture. It's really unnatural... does this bug any one else?
 This outfit of Taryn's, I am basically in love with. Well, maybe I'm in love with the sweater. Shh... :)
 I really like the way this scene of Léonie with her hockey gear was photographed, it makes the whole shot look so realistic!
and finally, a shot I have basically dreamed of forever! I always wanted to either see or re-create myself a Maplelea sleep over party!

Oh, and have I mentioned I'm basically in love with Saila? She is AMAZING :) And I definitely want to get her in the future!



  1. Wow, I have to agree with you on that outfit of Taryn's - it is adorable! And I love the little sleepver setup, too. :)

  2. Taryn's sweater IS pretty amazing. ;D And, I agree with you; Jenna's eyes are pretty darn scary... *shudder* I've been wanting to have an American girl doll sleepover, but seeing the setup for a similar doll is just... wow!