Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Sonali!!!!

Guess What?
I'm Finally 12!!
For my Birthday, Charlotte got us dressed in pretty clothes and took a nice picture.
Here it is!
(She edited it on Picnik)
For my birthday my friends sang happy birthday, and this great french song!

J'ai 12 ans, et j'm'en fou,
je fais pipi par terre,
j'ai 12 ans, et j'm'en fou,
je fais pipi partout!

Basic Translation:

I'm 12 years old, I'm going crazy,
I'm peeing on the floor,
I'm 12 years old, I'm going crazy,
I'm peeing everywhere!

I know it's really immature, but there's only 1 year until I'm a teenager!
So I want to enjoy my childhood while I can!

-Sonali :)

Ps. I'm not saying I can't be immature while I'm a teenager too... but still... :P

Playing With My Dolls :)

Hey everyone!
Last weekend my friend Akasha came over to play, and we dressed up my dolls!
Here is the group shot!
(She dressed Kit & Chrissa)

We had a LOT of fun!!

Char :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I was "nominated" (whatever that is..) by Jenna at: Jenna+ 7 dolls
For the people I "nominate":
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
2. Copy the award and paste it to your blog.
3. Tell us seven interesting facts about yourself.
4. Pass this award on to 15 fantastic bloggers you have discovered.
5. Contact your nominations and let them know they’ve won.
Okay, first of all, I don't know 15 bloggers, but oh well: 7 facts about me are

1. My middle name means "Eggplant" In french,
2. I have glasses but I never wear them
3. I play the trombone and piano (Completely off topic, but my school's jazz band--which I play piano in-- Is playing at a huge jazz festival this summer!!!)
4. My Favorite words are 'Skilled', 'Skill', 'Skilledgness' and other related words.
5. I have twin brothers
6. I forget what colors my walls are (posters)
7. I am 100% fluent in french :)

I nominate....
Sabine Bouchard at Une Fille Comme Moi
and... yeah.
That's about it.
Sorry :)

Char :P

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello & Sorry

Hello everyone and sorry for the lack of recent posts:
I have over 400 pictures for a stop-motion movie I'm making with my dolls.
I promise I'll have a trailer for it sometime soon, and I'll post a link to the trailer (& final product, when it's done!)
My Mom ALMOST deleted most of my pictures, but it turned out she didn't! (PHEW!)

I will post some more soon, okay?

Charlotte :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today me and Sonali did some "spying".
First, we heard some giggling....
So we decided to investigate....
We weren't tall enough to see, so guess who got to be on the bottom?
Sonali got to peek through the hole, and guess what she saw?
Kit and Taryn! In party dresses! Having a party WITHOUT US!!!
We decided to get back at them.
So we snuck up and scared them!!!
Then we got into this big kafoodle and made up.
After all, what would life be without friends?