Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Design!

Hello everyone! as you must have noticed, I am back and have re-designed my blog! I hope you like the look. I also added a header to my etsy using the same picture:
also, I promise I will have several new items in the shoppe maybe by the end of tomorrow? or definitely by then end of the week. I am almost a partner with liberty jane clothing, so I can use their patterns soon! make sure to watch out for some new pictures :D {also... if you go to the 'mes filles' page, the tank tops that taryn, chrissa and sonali are wearing, and the tee shirts that kit and maizee-liss are wearing are the types I will be selling, if you are really bursting with curiosity!}

okay! that's about it! so, watch out for new etsy stufferoo!


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