Monday, August 22, 2011

Remember When??? AG place Chicago

Aw, look at me. I think I was 11? this was the first time I REALLY went to an american girl place. I had briefly been in the AG place in NY when I was 9, but wasn't in to AG back then. So anyway, this day back when, I was absolutely the most hyper person on the planet. I remember when my mum and I were walking there, I would start shaking and giggling whenever I saw the big red American Girl bags, and at one point I remember passing another girl with a kit doll, and I waved my kit's hand at her kit. the girl looked at me like I was mental ;) ah, the good ole days!
I bought a doll tee shirt, some doll sweat pants, a book, an AGP accessories set, and Kit's reporter outfit! I thought that was so much! I spent around $80, and it was all my own money! we also got to eat in the cafe, and some of it was AMAZING, and some of it was... yeuch. but it was SO MUCH FUN :D
after our awesome day, we went and had some deep dish pizza. the line was really long, so we sat in line for a while. there was a girl who was maybe... 8 or something? who kept on sneaking glances in my bag. so I finally asked her, 'do you like american girl dolls?' and she said yes, she had 7. I just about died, I thought that was so many!

have you ever been to an american girl place? what did you do there?



  1. Awwwwwwe!!!! Such a cute story!!!! The first time I went to AG was on our family vacation to California when I was ten. I Don't think i was as hyper as you, and i didn't buy very much but i did have fun! I love the part about kit waving and the other girl thinking you were mental, at thirteen i would probably still do something like that! Thanks for sharing your super cuteness!

  2. I live very close to the AG store at the grove. My favorite memory is when I had my 8th birthday there with my best friend. I still have the photo that we got taken there framed...somewhere...:)
    - Maisie

  3. Sooo cool!
    I went to an AG place once and had a bday party with my family:)
    We got a picture too and got it framed:)
    All of us got a gift bag with a lot of cool things!
    We got to design our own dresses with markers and stuff:)

    But I don't really recommend a party becuase u don't do much:(
    I would have rather gotten a lot of cloths!

    But it was fun!

    I got Chrissa and her sundress:)

    I really want to go to another one this year:)

    Thx for sharing!