Tuesday, August 9, 2011

hello :)

hello, my dear blogger friends :)
No, I am NOT dead, I have NOT been neglectful, and I have NOT grown out of dolls.

My computer is just getting fixed again :P
See, when it was getting fixed the first time, the built in webcam got discombobulated, so we decided to get it fixed while we were vacationing. Unfourtunately, the guy took that to mean he wouldn't have to start it until we got back (YUCK.) So I am presently stuck sans mac :(

Oh well, this opened up another sewing oportunity! I have been working on perfecting my tees and tanks, and so far I have 1 tee (for $7.50) and 1 tank (for $6) ready to sell. I am also in the process of making 2 insanely epic splattered paint tee shirts :) I can't wait to show you pictures! :D

ALSO! I now ship to the US for $3.00 USD, and to anywhere in canada for $2.00 USD (I know it seems silly that everything is in USD, but that's etsy for you.)


ps. I am trying to save up for a Canon Rebel and a new doll through my etsy, so if you could help me out, that would be so awesome! :D

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  1. Hi Charlotte!

    Thank you for participating in Shout-Out Your Doll Site! I really hope your computer is fixed soon! I'm going to go check out your etsy, I can't wait to see the splattered tees!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Your Friend,