Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fashion with Bridget -- Kit & Taryn

Hello bloggers! Ready for yet another fabulous session of Fashion with Bridget?
Goodie! Today, I helped Taryn & Kit with their outfits.
I gotta say, these girls are so close! They are amazing friends.
Thanks Sonali, for the pictures!
Okaay! No number chart, once again, but whatever ;)
Kit- Shirt from Kit's Overall outfit, Skirt made by Charlotte a while ago, boots bought at AGP from Julie's casual outfit, necklace from Kit's accessories, random string used as a belt.
Taryn- Shirt made by Charlotte, using Liberty Jane's strappy tank pattern, skirt also made by charlotte {without a pattern}, sunshine shoes from Maplelea Girls, Homemeade 'L-O-V-E' necklace.

**Style Tip- Homemeade is nearly always better! {unless of course it comes from a home owned company, like Liberty Jane}

Alors, c'est tout! That's all! Here are more pics ;)
I love this effect! I thought it really went with the style, and colors of their outfits!
Whaddya think?
The weather seems great so far, so it's looking like we'll be having our party after all!

-Bridget  <3


  1. Love them!!!! Keep it up! I also do some fashion pics at

  2. I am a follower!:D Mackenzie Rae is my sis!

  3. Those are wonderful outfits, Bridget!!! :)