Friday, April 1, 2011

Style With Bridget -- Chrissa

Hey everyone! It is Bridget  :)
Didn't you enjoy the excerpt from Kit's novel? I thought it was fantastic! {bravo, kit!}
But now, it's my turn! So, next weekend, we are going to attempt at having a spring party! {if the weather holds up :P}, and my job is to set up everyone's outfits, because we are going to have a group picture, that might become our header...? Depends on how pretty it is. Right now, I'm really liking the blog layout we have.
So, without further ado, here is Chrissa!
{photos by Sonali}
Personally, I am really very proud of myself!
Here is a number chart of everything in the outfit!
#1- Red Strappy Tank, sewn by Charlotte, using the Liberty Jane pattern.
#2- Blue knit tank from Sonali's meet outfit.
#3- Ribbon from who knows where!
#4- Khaki short from an 'Our Generation' outfit. 
#5- Green leggings from Taryn's Outdoor Odyssey, from The Maplelea Girls
#6- AGP exclusive Converse
#7- Hair clip that, once again, we just have!
#8- A stuffed chicken Charlotte made, that I thought would look really cute with all the red in the outfit  :) 
**Style tip- Layering always looks best when you can see the top of the bottom layer.  
 And, a collage of everything in the outfit!
Thanks for reading  :D