Monday, April 18, 2011

GASP!!!! :D { the good kind }

The picture says it all :)
Thanks, guys <3
{yes, Maizee-Liss is wearing a mustache.}

(Okay. Here are some updates:
-You, are probably wondering where that spring party went.
 Well. We were going to have it last weekend {aka yesterday} but it rained and SNOWED on the
 weekend. GAH.
-Fashion with bridget, and writing with Kit will return A.S.A.P!
-Once I hit 50 followers, I will have a biggggg contest! So keep following!)

Once again, thanks so much :)



  1. I love this blog. You deserve all your followers. :)

  2. You do, I agree with Ella! That is fantastic editing. You always have amazing pictures, Charlotte!

  3. Thanks, guys :) It's people like you that really keep me going :)

  4. you are so adorable! i love that you play so many instruments! i play lots too :) and 3 bands?! nice.