Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zita & Max -- Chapter 2 {Part 2, Max}

Zita & Max 
{Chapter 2}

left to right, top to bottom: Max, Alec, Zita,
    The day just gets better.
    As I stumble into homeroom, I notice a shimmer of black hair. Zita's hair. In front of my desk. On her head. Ohmigosh.
    1st period English goes something along the longs of this:
    "Good morning class. This is Zita Gall. She'll be joining our class. Please make her feel welcome, everyone!" Mrs. Bretegant introduces. Gosh. Zita just look so nervous up there, and it makes me love her even more. Just the way she's blushing, and... oh wow. "Zita, you can take the empty seat in the third row, next to Maddie." She walks down the aisle, and as she approaches, I wave. Alec kicks me. Hard. Oh, well, he knows what to do better than I do.
    I sit up tall in my chair, flick my hair {kinda like Justin Bieber. He's my role model. He attracts all the chicks.}, and put on a dazzling braces filled smile. Just as Zita turns to sit in her sit, I sputter out
    "Heyyy... I'm, uhh, Max. Yeah... hey" Alex kicks me hard, again. To say 'SHUT. UP.'
    Everyone laughs at me. Like usual.
    She and Maddie start whispering back and forth, back and forth, about... something. All I know is, Zita looks... nice. Pretty. Angelic (okay, I really need to stop it with this angel thing).
left to right, top to bottom: Louis, Eric,
Zoey, Maddie.
    Then I loose track of time.
    I'm in this fantasy, where we're at the movies (the 'we' obviously being Zita and me). Then, I wrap my arm around her shoulders. She looks in my eyes, I look in hers, and we kiss passionately. Lip to lip, mouth to mouth, tongue to to-
    "Maxwell Virre, are you asking for a trip to the office?"
    "Huh?" I snap out of it.
    (real life during my fantasy):
    "Max, would you like to answer?" Mrs. Bretegant asks.
    I say nothing.
    "Max, we're waiting,"
    "Mmmlllsmchmch..." I slur, kissing air.
    "Max, are you okay?"
    Drool drips down my chin.
    "Max. Stop this, and answer me."
    "Ooh la-la!" I growl in a sexy way
    (Dreaming Max catches up with the world.)
    "Maxwell Virre, are you asking for a trip to the office?"
    "Max, would you care to explain WHAT on EARTH just happened?" Mrs. Bretegant demands sternly.
    "Well," I start feebly. "You see, I was... asleep"
    "I bet you were!" Millie yells across the room, barely able to control her laughter.
    "Millie," wow. Mrs. Bretegant is in a very stern mood today. "Okay then Max, would you care to explain what you were dreaming about?"
    "Not... particularly," I say. I turn a violent shade of red. Millie screeches with laughter. "Shut! UP! Millie!" I holler. This just causes Millie to laugh even harder.
    "Whoa, Max. You know we don't like that kind of language here at Sarah Mitchell. Could you see me at lunch please?" I nod. Well, kind of. My head drops, and I bring it upright again.
    "Thank you," Mrs. Bretegant says, and returns to the lesson she's teaching about a book I read when I was five years old.

* * *
    The rest of the day goes no better.
    In Science, I burn the lab table after accidentally pouring a vial of highly flammable liquid onto the Bunsen burner. I have to dash into the hall, search frantically for a fire extinguisher, pull it from the wall with the help of my imaginary muscles, and zoom back into the class. In the end, I cover half the classroom with the foamy stuff in the extinguisher, including myself and Alec, my lab partner. Thank goodness the school instructs us to bring extra clothing if you are in science, gym, and/or cooking. The sure had their reasons.
    Gym is next. We play dodge ball, which is usually way too easy for me. Not today though. Today, I imagine we're dancing ('we' already explained). I have my arms around air, and I get hit in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me. I keel over, and drop to the ground just as Alexis Neele comes running to catch the dodge ball. She trips over me, leaving a huge footprint on the back of my red American Eagle shirt. I get sent to the nurse's office. What good this does, I don't know.
    Math, is next. Now, this is a subject that involves brains. Not that science wasn't, but I need to think. Somewhat. We are doing probability, the most ridiculous unit in math, so I measure out the probability of Zita asking me on a date, or her accepting my offer. Very slim chances. Let's say extremely improbable. The bell rings.
    I run as fast as my average length legs will go (which is pretty fast, considering I'm the 100 meter dash champion) to Mrs. Bretegant's class room. Sarah Mitchell doesn't have any rules about running in the middle school division, because since this is a private school, they think we're smart enough to know not to kill ourselves running.
    Thank goodness for that.
    I get to Mrs. Bretegants room, panting hard. Stupid asthma...
    "Hey Max, I won't keep you long, because I know you have more 'important' business in the cafeteria," she says.
    "Okay, thanks Aunt Lydi-whoops! I... hehe, mean Mrs Bretegant," I let slip.
    "Max, please try not to let that get into the open. That I'm your aunt," she hisses. I know It sounds fishy, that people can't know we're related. But there are reasons. For instance, people would think she gave me top marks just because we're related. They wouldn't stop to think that I'm not related to any of the other teachers at our school...
    "Okay. Right. I promise. That just... kinda slipped out of my mouth," I apologize. "I'll make sure no one finds out. Promise,"
    "Okay. Well, about this morning. You were..." she trails off. "... distracted,"
    "Yeah. Um, I didn't get much sleep last night," I lie.
    "Do I need to move you?" She asks. Rats. No hiding anything from her.
    "NO." I practically scream.
    "Okay then," she says "I wont. For now. Just try and focus,"
    "Okaaay... bye," I march out of the classroom.
    About five steps from the classroom, I hear Aunt Lydia call after me:
    "I agree Max. She is very pretty..."


  1. XD
    You're such a phenomenal artist!

  2. This is just amazing. I love your story!! Keep posting it, it struck me when I saw this what a great writer you are! I had known it before, but this really proved it.

  3. Thanks! You can count on more writing to come :)