Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Movie Information and Fall Plans, etc.

So I realize this will be more interesting, and probably make more sense if you are from YouTube reading this, but there will also be some little tidbits of info in here for all of those who read my blog! I'm just SO sick of making crappy little updated videos on my YouTube. I don't want to be cliché, but I'm probably going to use this blog for fairly important information for my YouTube. I'll definitely still try and post some fun blog stuff, but yeah. I'll add a new label called 'YouTube' so you can know to avoid the post if that's the only label on it. Okay, enough rambling, I need to get on to the point!

So if you are a subscriber/avid watcher of my YouTube, you will know that I was planning on releasing this movie on August 24th:
and.... you will also probably know that I changed that to being released sometime in early September.
The point is, I'm starting High School on Tuesday Sept 4th, and I still have SO much stuff I have to do. It's kind of ridiculous. And I feel so awful, having already had to postpone the premiere type thingy, but the truth is it won't be ready any time this week. I feel like I could rush the ending, and finish it up before school starts, but it would be absolute rubbish, and I would feel like I hadn't done justice to the subject at hand. And it's something that is incredibly close to my heart, that I wouldn't want to screw up.

Anyway. I will definitely not be uploading any parts of the movie before school starts. I will try my best to upload a stop motion that I have all filmed, it just needs to be edited. The point is I don't want to be rushing my videos, or making them sloppily, or trying to fit absolutely everything in when there isn't time. I really want to sew some clothes for my Etsy, which is looking rather empty right now, I am in a band with lots of upcoming gigs, I'm going in to High School after a year of slacking off to the extreme and I'll be taking all academic courses, I have dance class one a week, I'll also be in Jazz Band, which runs twice a week, and I don't want to be a social anomaly (although I'm kind of a nerd... hah!) Let's just say I really want to have time to meet new people :)

I still love dolls, and I really want to make time for them. As much time as possible, actually. I will probably end up spending a large percentage of my free time doing doll stuff. I hope I haven't disappointed you.


The bottom line is, the summer movie I've been filming diligently will not be ready. You can still submit clips to this video, in fact it would be greatly appreciated if you could! I will let you know as soon as I have it all filmed, edited, and ready to go. And hey, I might even be able to have a celebratory TinyChat the day I release it. Thoughts? Feelings? Suggestion?
Please comment and tell me what you think :)
Thanks for being lovely!



  1. So when will the movie come out?

    1. I'm really not sure at this point :/
      I will let you know when I'm sure, though :)

  2. Charlotte!! i thought you would never post!I thought you were done with your blog. i saw what you did on sevenfabulousteens with Callum. i liked it! you have a really good brithish accent. did you watch the paralympics opening ceremonies?


    ps- can you check out my youtube channel, americangirl413?