Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Movie Tag!

Thank you very much to MissCpFreaks for tagging me! this is her blog: http://misscpfreaksdolls.weebly.com/

Alrighty, here we go! This is going to be so hard for me, I LOVE movies!
First, you must acknowledge the person who tagged you. 
Second, you tell your 3 favorite movies, 3 random things about your favorite movies, and 1 thing you like to do while watching movies.

Favourite Movies / Reasons:
1-) Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World! I am over the moon about this movie! It's set in Toronto, and it was actually filmed there too! I've been to half the places in the movie, like the Pizza Pizza Scott goes in to after the Epic Bass Battle, Casa Loma where he battles Lucas Lee, and I've seen the outside of the place where the Epic Bass Battle took place. I'm too young to go in, but it was filmed at Lee's Palace and my dad has seen plenty of bands play there!
2-) Whip it! This movie just made me want to play Roller Derby so badly! In fact, I still do want to play derby! Plus the whole story line is just so inspiring. If you've read the book, it's better, but the Movie is a fantastic adaptation of it!
3-) A Hard Day's Night. I have watched this about a squadrillion times! It is one of my favourites of all time, partially because of the music. Okay, and also partially because there are lots of close ups of George Harrison looking lovely :)

"Hey, pardon me for askin', but who's that little old man?"
"Euh, what little old man?"
"That little old man!"
"Oh, that one! That's me grandfather."
"Ye grandfather?"
"That's not your grandfather."
"It is y'know!"
"But I've seen your grandfather he lives in your house!"
"Well, he's me grandfather as well."
"How'd yeh reckon that one out?"
"Well, everyone's entitled to two aren't they, and he's me other one!"

One thing I love doing while watching a movie, is eat! I sound so gluttonous, but it's really the only time all week I get to eat junk food.

So yeah! There are thousands of movies I adore, but these are ones I've watched a million times and still love. They've never gotten old ;) I hope you will take up my suggestions and watch at least one of these! Thanks for reading!

Before I go, I tag... Phoebe from Love That Doll,  Claire from Claire's Curiosity, and... umm... Augusta from Salsa Bug Gout!

Okay! Thanks for reading!
-Charlotte <3


  1. Yay! Those movies all sound awesome! But, somehow I knew Scott Pilgrim would be there. XD But it's one of my favourites, too! :D And it never does get old...


  2. Hey Charlotte! A Hard Day's Night is hilarious, poor Ringo! I didn't know what the best way to contact you was, but I featured you on my blog. Check out the 'featured' page. If you want, I'll give you a 'featured on Doll Ponderings' button and interviewed on my blog. :) It would be a great honour if you did!


  3. ahhh! the beatles!!! :) i love the film too! this made a follower out of me - oooh yeah! hahah.

    anyways, i hope we can connect!