Monday, November 7, 2011


Hi, blogger! I just have a small rant for you:
First of all, I apologize so heartily for not posting zita and max. I can't make any promises, because I know I will break them, so let's just say I will try to get it up as much as possible :) Second of all, the sun was setting as soon as I got out of school today. It made me very, very sad :( that means less photography and filming time! Ack! Thirdly, I was planning on filming something today for youtube, but my mum changed my bedsheets last night, and it disturbed the dust-mites in my ancient futon, which just about killed my lungs all day (I have asthma... yuck. trust me, it sucks more than anything in the world to be stuck at a party with your friends and suddenly be unable to breathe, especially when you don't have your inhaler.), and made me exceed the prescribed dosage from my inhaler before I even got to school, which means I can't breathe properly until 3 tomorrow morning, and I currently have the hiccups while I am writing this which is NOT HELPING. and Fourthly, I am currently done 1 new winter skirt and a pair of pants for my etsy, which I will soon show you!

So yeah. Sorry about that long and pointless rant  =)



  1. :( I know how you feel. I have hay fever, and I can't breathe sometimes when I'm just walking along outside. It really sucks. :(


  2. I hate having asthma! Its so poopy! I know how you feel!