Sunday, July 24, 2011

on vacation ;)

 Hello everyone! it's Taryn.
I just thought I'd tell you, that charlotte, and potentially Aisha and I are going on vacation until wednesday the 3rd! so there won't be any posts between now and then :)
I believe Kit is working hard on typing out another chapter of Zita and Max, to be approved by charlotte when she gets back. hope you have an awesome summer!
* also, Maizee-Liss was the one who inspired me to be different, and go sideways ;)
Also: I just competed in my first novice highland dance competition in Uxbridge! on the first day, I only got a 6th place in the fling, and I kicked the sword (oops!). but today, on the second day, I placed 4th, 5th, and 4th out of 5 people in my 3 dances!

see you when we get back!


ps. also, if you are a harry potter fan, you should go check out this picture charlotte edited!

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