Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doll Plans 2012!

 Okay! So, as some of you may know, I am a huge Beatles maniac (cough cough, okay, fine, George Harrison maniac!), and I have wanted a boy doll for a very long time. So this year, I decided that I am going to make a custom George doll!
I had no trouble deciding which face mold and eye color to use... this is probably the closest I'll get to George's face shape and eyes. I am going to add shading on the nose, and cheekbones because he has really hollow cheeks. I'm also going to thicken his eyebrows and slightly change the shape of his lips. If it were up to me, his mouth would be closed, but I have no control over that ;)

For hair, I certainly knew I wanted a wig just like Peyton's (from girloftheyearstudios, of course!).  I'll trim it around the ears a bit, to give an illusion of bigger ears, plus I'll trim the bangs and the sides to suit George's hairstyle.
Next up, is his outfit. There aren't any Beatles-ish Jackets on the Liberty Jane Patterns site, except this Oxford Square one might be as close as it can get. I'd probably just have him in this shirt, when he's playing guitar though. A jacket would get a bit too bulky:
I'd lengthen the sleeves a bit, but other than that it looks just about right... not too tight, not to loose. And of course I'd add a tie. I'll probably have to fool around with pants patterns a bit too, too get the right size and stuff... just tight enough ;) But I'm thinking that I'll make him a Beatles outfit, but then he'll wear modern clothes and stuff for the rest of the time.

Then comes the guitar!
I think I'm going to try to get him an Gretsch like he usually plays, the guitar pictured above (sorry the picture is so small!). I'll probably have to end up making him one, just so I can get the proportions right. That'll be a pretty big project, seeing as I'm not going to just cut him one out of cardboard. I want to make it with wood, paint, and real string and stuff.

I also plan on getting #16 this year (the one I have pictured for my George face mold demonstration), and naming her Indie Harrison (she'll be George's sister! Yay!)

In the future, I am also hoping to make at the very least 3 more boy dolls:
1-) A boy version of kit, named Louis:
(he'll probably end up looking like the character 'Leo' in this video...)

2-) Alex Turner!
(he's marvelous. also the singer, main guy, etc. He'll have short brown hair, brown eyes, and just for kicks I might give him acne too...)

3-) Matt Helders
{he's the one on the left... Alex is on the right}
(drummer in arctic monkeys. For the sake of my doll, I'm going to give him grey-ish eyes (like Molly's) and short wavy/curly brown hair. also might end up with acne... ha!)

So there are my doll plans! Mainly boys from now on, but hey, I'll have  8 girls and 4 boys. I might end up growing my collection even further later in life, but I think 12 is more than enough dolls!
Anyway, I hope this post was entertaining, interesting, and that it might have led you to new music (cough COUGH Arctic Monkeys!).

What dolls are you hoping to get in the future?

-Charlotte <3


  1. Charlotte, you're a genius! A doll for your favorite beatle! That's AwEsOmE! I can't wait to see how you're first boy doll turns out :)


  2. Oh my gosh, that's awesome! I'm not a fan of american boy dolls, but making one after one of the Beatles is the best thing ever! I can't wait to see him when he is done!

  3. Whoa! I really like the Alex and George Harrison doll ideas! :D

    ~Mr. W

  4. That would be awesome! You can make the Alex/Matt doll and let them perform a song on DANCE . That would be a first -- an Arctic Monkeys concert on a doll series. XD I hope to one day have a custom Amy Pond/Doctor doll. :D