Thursday, December 1, 2011

AG Advent Calendar -- Day 1

Hey everyone! I've decided that since I'm such a neglectful poster (sorry!!!), that I should post something every day for a month on this blog, just to get in to the habit of posting, then that way I might get in to the swing of posting a couple times a week :)
So! To get myself in to the good habit, I have decided that for the month of December, I will post something Christmas AND AG related every day until Christmas! :) I thought this would be kind of neat, and fun! Watch out for: AG Christmas decorations, great independent AG seamstresses, new Christmas stuff in my etsy, great Christmas AGMVs, what my dolls are doing for Christmas, what my dolls wear around this time of year, and other stuff along the lines of that :)

So! For day number 1, here are some pictures of the real chocolate advent calender my mum decorated for me! It's really cute, and I feel so touched that she spent so much time decorating one for me, even if it was originally just so we could tell me and my brother's apart! I love it :)

See ya tomorrow!

-Charlotte <3