Monday, September 19, 2011

This is really important stuff you probably want to know. Yeah.

Hey everyone! How's it going? xD
I am now officially back at school {well, I have been for a while, but whatever}.
Anyway, my cousin who I haven't see in, like, 4 years is here for the week, so you won't be seeing much of me this week!

ALSO: {this is pretty important}
this photo has been used by a YouTube User {not mentioning any names, I don't want you guys to go hate her}, without giving me any credit. HERE IS WHAT I HAVE TO SAY: When using my photos {or anyone's!} you NEED to credit them, whether it is on the photo, or somewhere where absolutely everyone will see. This is really important! On YouTube, if you upload someone else's video, you can get copyright strikes, which is a permanent scar on your account. Sadly, us small time photographers don't have that power against you, so you just need to respect these things. OKAY???
Etsy news! I will be adding new stuff to the shop sometime this week or the next {some skinny jeans, pictured above, and different splatter paint tees}. I'll probably give you a preview sometime this week. I also wanted to let you know, that in case you're wondering, I will be adding 4 to 5 new items to the shop each month, sometime after the 15th! :)

ALSO: Zita and Max will resume ASAP. Which means, probably next week! :D or the week after, so yeah ;) I'm also looking to re-design my blog, probably sometime in either november or december. Any color scheme suggestions? I'm really going for bright colors next time :)

Hope you're having an awesome life!!! :D



  1. Ah, I'd be soooo ticked off if someone was using my photos without telling me. Can't wait for more Zita & Max!!

  2. Hey Charlotte,
    I am so, so, so sorry, but My mother isn't allowing me to buy your skirt. I wish you the best of luck with your business! Sorry again!!!!!

  3. Maisie- I was like... wait a minute, is that MY picture? YARG!!! It was quite annoying :P
    Jenna- Oh, that's okay :) I'm sorry your mother won't let you!

  4. That's happened a few times with my photos too. It's really rude!
    Those jeans are really cute btw!