Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Maplelea Doll, Saila!!!

Hello everyone! It's Chrissa. Guess what? the Maplelea Girls came out with a new doll! her name is Saila :) She's SO CUTE! I think Charlotte might want her... ;) Anyway, she is from Iqaluit, so she has a lot of winter outfits!

I like the colors in this one!
and this is just too cute! I think I'm obsessed with her boots... <3

So yeah! You should go check her out! What do you think of her?



  1. Oh cool!! I don't have any Maplelea dolls, but I think these coats are really awesome!! I like her little polar bear in the last photo.

    - Maisie

  2. We are getting her shortly. We have dreamed of getting an Inuit doll for a while now.

  3. I love Saila, I have Saila and Taryn. I got her for christmas. I only have her dogs. I don't have anything else.

  4. I have fallen in love with this doll and i love the fact that you are 14 that still have dolls. I am 16 in grade 11 and was afraid that i was weird because i came across this doll the other day and had to have her. I had told my friend about it and she laughed at me and said i was way to told for them but am looking forward to having her soon. I told my dad about it because i knew he would not find it a weird request and was afraid about what my mom would think. Don't let people tell you it is weird it is better to like dolls then drugs and sex as most teen girls are getting into today.