Sunday, May 8, 2011

Review--LJC Spring Line {so far}

Hello everyone! It's Chrissa.
As many of you may know, Liberty Jane recently revealed two new outfits from their spring line!
I'm super excited! {we've never purchased from LJC before, but are hoping to in the future and we LOVE using their patterns!}

So. The first outfit in the LJC Spring Line for 2011 is...
{watch the video for pictures}
Isn't that amazing? I wish we could afford to bid on ebay, but the prices just get so high :(
The pattern of the dress is so simple but perfect, and the style of it gives it a laid back feel but makes Kanani look fantastic! I think the necklace is a nice simple accessory, and the white sandals set off the flowers in the dress. Over all, I think this outfit is fantastic and would definitely buy it if we had the money!

And the second is
{watch the video for pictures}
I absolutely adore the neckline of that shirt! I love the blue/black color combo. I think the jean shorts give the outfit a sweet summer edge to it, while the black flats bring you back to the style of the shirt. This outfit would probably be best described as slightly dressed up, but still quite casual. I think that's what LJC might be aiming for with their new spring line- am I right?

I'm super excited to see the other new outfits!
Which one is your favourite?
Don't forget to check out Liberty Jane's Sites!

See you next time!

-Chrissa :)

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