Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Hair!

Hey guys! It's Charlotte.
I went to the mall today {I know, weird for me}, mainly because my brother was in EB Games, so I went into ardene's and bought these hair extensions, thinking I would use them. I tried them on, but they looked really fake, and sticky outy, and I didn't like them. So I tried them on Aisha, and it looks amazing! I had to trim them a lot, but they're exactly the right temperature. I think I'll do this for Sonali too, and maybe some of my other dolls? I dunno, but they're 5 for $10! yay!
Also, I trimmed my dear Taryn's hair! I've cut it before, because the ends were frizzy, but this time I did it to thin out the ends, kind of like layering {I want to be a hair dresser when I grow up... gotta start somewhere!}. What I did was cut vertically instead of horizontally, so I didn't take any length off, but I made it lighter on the ends and easier to brush! If you haven't cut your doll's hair before and you're planning to, you should probably ask an adult to help you, so you don't make any mistakes.

what's your favourite thing to do with your doll's hair?



  1. Funny this is about doll hair, because I decided to straighten Sonali's hair today! I used hot water(not boiling) and then while it was drying, I brushed it smoothe. It was still wavy, so her hair was re-straightened, and is currently drying again. :O


  2. My favorite thing to do is braid! It's so fun especially french braids!

  3. I love braiding my doll's hair too!:) I also like using my doll hair-care kit! I also use foam rollers!:)

  4. I like making side-bangs for Bethie's hair! :D Oh, and Charlotte, this is just awesome! I'm flying up to Canada to get my hair done by you. XD