Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Us Dolls Here's 1st Annual Photography Contest!

 Hello all of you blog readers! It's time for Just Us Dolls Here's 1st Annual Spring Photography Contest! There are only a few rules, so I'm going to dish them out first, then we can get to the fun bits :)

Official Rules

1-) You may only enter photographs of 18 inch dolls!  As much as I love porn... NO, I'm just kidding! No bitty babies or Mini Dolls, unless they're only part of the photograph please.
2-) YOU need to have taken the photo! Don't be a jerk and steal someone's photo, just because you're a terrible photographer. Use this as an opportunity to improve upon your skills!
3-) You may enter as many times as you want, so long as you only enter each photo once!
4-) One photograph per post. Please link individually to each post, because as smart as I am, I'm not going to roam around your blog searching for every single one of your 36 entries. Please be specific! Write: This is my 1st entry for Just Us Doll Here's Photography Contest! and INCLUDE YOUR LINK IN THE COMMENTS!
5-) The contest ends on March 27th, and the results will be up on the 31st!
6-) You do NOT need to give out your address if you win! Just your email address, because the prize is... (drum roll please!)

... a chance to guess post on Just Us Dolls Here, plus your blog's button at the top of my blog for all of April! (If you don't have one, I can make one for you!) The guest post may be anything of your choice, photo shoot, photo story, tutorial, etc. but it has to involve 18 inch dolls! I will be proofreading the post before it gets published, so make sure the content is appropriate.
 You don't need a fancy shmancy bajillion dollar camera to take a fantastic photograph, so here are some handy dandy photography tips!
 Try to use a tripod! Sometimes, when the lighting is just right, you don't need one, but in most cases it makes your pictures look marvelous.
 Don't use a flash, unless of course, that's the style of photography you're going for. Lots of photographers use flash for effect, but as far as I know, that's not the style you're going for, and isn't a nice substitute for natural lighting.
 On that note, use some pretty, nice, old fashioned natural daylight produced by our good ole friend the sun! It certainly gives your photos a nice vibrancy and effect to them.
 Make sure you doll(s) look their best. Dress them in pretty, fitting, stylish, appropriate (no bikinis in the snow!) outfits, and make sure their hair is tidy. Having them wearing shoes would be a good idea, unless you're really in to that hippy thang.

As far as photo editing goes, I really like the look of natural photos, but a little bit of winterize or cross process never hurt anyone :)
I can't wait to see your entries!

Charlotte <3
* * *
Let your friends know about the contest! C'mon, don't be selfish :) Post this button in your sidebar, or at the end of your entry!


  1. So we can take any kind of photo of our dolls, there's no theme or anything?

    1. Yup! There's no specific type of photo you have to enter :) I like to see how creative people can get!

  2. I used a photo that I already had since I don't have my regular photo-taking camera with me now... here's the link!

  3. Here is my link!

    20 follower giveaway going on!

  4. Here it is! And I know, the poem at the end, was not necessary... But I just wanted to do it ;)


  5. My 2nd entry!

  6. Here is my 2nd entry!

    ~Rose~ =)

  7. Here is my first entry, Charlotte! I hope you enjoy! :) I would've posted sooner, but I just found out about the contest!