Wednesday, December 14, 2011

AG Advent Calendar -- Days 9 thru 12

What Aisha Wore:
Leggings -- AG Jeggings
Socks -- Homemade
Boots -- AG Kit's Work Boots
Skirt -- Homemade

Tank Top -- Homemade
Cardigan -- AG Longsleeve
Jacket --  AG Felicity's Riding Jacket

Aisha likes to layer up in the winter, so she still has a funky look, but stays warm :)

Day 10: My first X-Mas doll photoshoot...

Day 11: A Picture I'm quite fond of

 Day 12: Karen Mom Of Three's Craft Blog

Karen always has the best holiday craft ideas for your doll! They're always really cute, and affordable :)

That's all for today!
-charlotte <3

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