Monday, September 5, 2011

School starts tomorrow...

Hey everyone... it's the first day of school tomorrow!
Well, that was a long summer. But anyhoo...
Probably sometime in september, everything will start up again. Kit will share more of her story, Bridget will give more fashion tips, and Astrid will do some photoshoots with people :) {just like the real astrid... ha ha!}
so today, I finished my Who Loves The Sun? music video! in total, it probably took me a day or so to make, but I started it at the beginning of the summer, and ended it today. I hope you like it! {oh, and by the way, that photo at the top of the post is the 'poster'. do you like it?}

So yeah! I probably won't post until my friday favourites, so I'll see you then!



  1. Hmmm. I can't view it. It won't let me. :(

  2. ooh! yes i love it! how did you make it?

  3. OMG! I had my first day of school today too!