Sunday, June 12, 2011

What should change?

I know I'm kind of obsessing over this etsy thing... but please read this. Especially if you answered my poll!
Okay. so so far the only items that have 'yes' selected, are the tees and tanks, and all the others are basically solid 'no's. if you answered no, why? is it too much? too little? please please PLEASE comment below.

and to Rachel... no, I haven't opened an etsy shop. my computer is getting fixed, and I'm going to try and get an etsy up when it gets back, so I promise I'll share the link when it's open :)

(progress: 2 pairs of pj's & headbands, and one skirt!)


  1. I think your prices are good for the shirt/tank, but are a little much for the other two items. I think, personally, you'll sell more (and make more!) if you have affordable prices. :)

  2. Actually, I think your prices are quite good. They match up with other sellers' prices on Etsy, and it really depends on how much you spent on materials and shtuff like that (I bet you can guess what I voted... xD). Can't wait to see pics! (hint hint hint)

    Thus ends the ramble.

    <3 Jamie

  3. I am really cheap and a sewer myself, so i think all of your prices are just a tad high. Although, the tee shirt/tank WOULD be worth $7 If it were super uber cool, but if it's plain it's not worth it. the pajama pants and headband would be worth it if the pants were fuzzy/patterned and the headband was amazingly good. the skirt is too much unless it comes with some super details like embroidery or lots of ruffles or something.
    the prices are only off by around 50 cents to a dollar, so do what you think is best.
    With Love, Jenna

  4. They are perfect!!! :)