Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hi :)

Hey everyone,
C'est moi! and here is an update:
My family mac {the computer I use} is being fixed and updated with a newer bigger hard drive {twice as big, they don't make them as small as our old mac's anymore!}. I'll still have my music, and pictures, and the data, just the hard drive won't be dying :)
So don't think I don't love you anymore... :)
anyway, here's what's gonna happen:
I'm going to sew like mad until we get our mac back , so I can start an ETSY! I was sewing last night, but we had a huge storm with falling trees, lighting, thunder, wind, and rain so our power went out while I was sewing, yuck :P
anyway, I'll see you as soon as my mac gets back!

ps. we're nearly at 40 followers! which means nearly at 50... which means a CONTEST :)

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  1. I had a huge storm last night too. Second person today. And- YAAAAYYY!!!!! CONTEST!!