Monday, December 6, 2010

Hi :)

Hey guys, I'm so sorry I don't post much anymore! I will definitely do that more frequently this Christmas holidays!!!!
This Friday I have a concert to play,
Next Thursday my band's playing Oh Canada at a local hockey game,
The week after that, school ends on Wednesday, but...
We have our school's annual Christmas concert on Tuesday!
Plus I have two major projects to do for school! augh homework....

Anyway, back to business.
Are any of you entering Liberty Jane Clothing's winter design contest? The winning designer will also get the 2011 girl of the year! and if they get 3,500 subscribers on their YouTube Channel, they'll give the second place winner a doll too!
I'm so excited! I've entered in the past, but I've only placed in the top 50 twice  :P
Oh well, hundreds of girls enter  :)

Have a great day!

Charlotte  :)

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