Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guess what?

Hey everyone!
It's Chrissa.
As you probably know, it's almost summer vacation.
And on vacation, lots of people, well... go vacationing.
So we are going somewhere special.
Can you guess where?
Well, we're stopping there on our roadtrip through Quebec and down into the states.
So we're going to get to see lots of cool places on the way!
Last year Kit went with Charlotte to the store in Chicago, so here are some pictures:
Windows outside the store...
Julie's window and Kit's treehouse...
and the café, where they ate tea.

Anyway, this year me & Sonali are going!
Now, you might be wondering if we're getting any dolls.
In fact, TWO of them!!
Charlotte is not spoiled, she is going to use her own money and has been saving since last September.
Here are 6 dolls Charlotte is going to get in the future.
Your job is to guess which 2 she is getting this summer at the AG Place.
So, here we go:
#1: Julie
#2: JLY doll with black/brown hair and brown eyes
#3: Lanie
#4: JLY doll with caramel hair and blue eyes.
#5: Rebecca
#6: Felicity

Sooo... comment and tell me which ones you think we're getting!

Trust me, we will post more about this later!


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